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Dollar For A Cause

Wildflower Holistic Services is focussed on assisting our community to flourish and therefore we have created our Dollar For A Cause initiative. 

This initiative is solely focused on giving back to our community through donation based support for selected charities throughout the year, to help them deliver their vital products and services into the community.

How it works!

  • Every client that is seen at WHS will receive a ‘Dollar’ token to place in 1 of 6 jars.

  • Each jar will be allocated to a selected community organisation that is providing support to our local community.

  • At the end of the year the ‘Dollars’ will be tallied and all the relevant monetary value in each jar will be donated by WHS to the corresponding organisation.

  • The following year we will select another 6 community groups to support.


In order for this initiative to feel inclusive and important to our Wildflower Family, we are always happy to accept your nominations for this initiative! We highly appreciate the epicness of our Wildflower Fam and we know our local community is filled with organisations and community groups doing wonderful things, so who better to contribute to the creation of this super powerful initiative than our locals.

If you have a nomination you would like to put forward to be included in Dollar For A Cause in the future please get in touch, we love the vibe of community joining together for a common goal.

Dollar For A Cause Recipients 2021

Wollondilly Women in Business Network

WWIBN was established in 2015 as a not for profit organisation to offer support and guidance to female entrepreneurs and women in business in the Wollondilly local government area.


Being such a geographically large region, with a massively diverse target market for businesses in the area, the mission of WWIBN was to provide a sisterhood for women in business to feel connected and support during times of challenge and also to have a community to celebrate their wins with.


WWIBN offers a range of services to help women in business thrive and recognise the magic of those in their community each year with the Wollondilly Women in Excellence Awards.


Animal Trust Society

Animal Trust Society is an epic organisation focussed on making a difference for all who share our planet by providing support, education, rehabilitation and love to better understand and interact with all the animals of our world.


ATS has a range of services to support pet owners and animals in need of all kinds, and educational programs delivered to schools in order to instill responsible pet ownership and ultimately secure animal welfare for all creatures, great and small. 


Caring for Wollondilly

Established in 2015 to support children, adults and families in the local area, Caring for Wollondilly is completely run through volunteer basis and donation.


With a commitment to providing as much support as possible to those in need, CFW has no administration fees or costs so that all money raised stays in the community and helps local people who desperately need it.


To check out what they have achieved so far head to their website.


Blue Wren House - Camden Women’s Shelter

Community shelters are crucial in helping meet the demands for crisis accommodation and Blue Wren House - Camden Women’s Shelter is a community based, not-for-profit, non-government charitable institution focussed on providing relief and support for women and their children who are suffering, experiencing or escaping from homelessness due to domestic or family violence, abuse or helplessness.


BWHCWS is a place of hope and safety where women can restart, refresh and renew through a holistic approach that supports them finding and strengthening their voice and their ability to make choices that are right for them. 


One Tree Planted

As a not for profit, donation based environmental charity, One Tree Planted is focussed on global reforestation with a mission to make it easy for anyone to help the environment by planting trees!


Trees are crucial for our planet’s and personal survival and One Tree Planted partners with organisations around the world to plant 4 million trees in 2019 alone to continue to increase the massive impact they’ve have had so far on reforestation for clean water, better air quality, more jobs around the world, increased biodiversity and a healthier happier lifestyle for all, including Mother Earth. 


Mystery Jar

At the end of each year a portion of the funds raised through our Dollar For A Cause initiative will be donated to a sixth organisation chosen by our founders.


Given the high chance for needs to change throughout the year, our Wildflowers team thought it was important to maintain the opportunity to support an organisation or sector of community that might increase in need throughout the year.

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