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Welcome to our garden

Our aim is to foster a society where individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities, live, work and interact in ways that complement and celebrate their individuality.


We imagine a future where personalised, holistic healthcare is at the forefront, and mental health and disability are acknowledged as facets in the diverse tapestry of the human experience.

If you want to feel supported in understanding your mental ill health, embracing your neurodiversity, and navigating life’s challenges to not only survive but thrive for either your child or yourself, while also saying a little f*** you to the systems that have held you back, we’re here to help.


Truth is your "progress" comes down to making the right choices for you and/or your family.


But the tricky part is how are you supposed to know the "right path" when your head is flooded with other's thoughts, opinions and potential judgments.


We get stuck in comparison, parent guilt, searching for the quick fix, ignoring the problem, following trends to feel better, being consumed by information we don't know the way out or blaming others.


We see it, we hear it and we understand it.


It's not easy, but it's important and gosh it's worth it when you find someone who can be in your corner.

Together let’s break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and build accessible and inclusive communities where everyone feels understood, supported and celebrated.

It's the #wildflowerway.

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The journey so far.....

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Wildflower Holistic Services sprouted from the vision of two sisters Alexandra (Alex) and Rebecca (Bec), who dreamt of practising healthcare in a way that felt authentic, holistic, nurturing, and promoted all areas of wellness across the mind, body, and spirit. Their journey began in October 2019, when the doors opened to their practice in Bargo, NSW.

From this humble start of Alex working as a sole practitioner, Alex and Bec cultivated their dream like tending to a growing plant. With dedication, hard work, and love, they nurtured their endeavour, slowly attracting like-minded individuals who valued seeing individuals for who they are. Consequently, the practice blossomed into a safe, inclusive, and supportive space.

Amidst their growth and seeing a gap in the market, Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets was created out of a genuine desire to provide sustainable solutions to help regulate one’s nervous system. Initially driven by a quest for weighted blankets that aligned with their client’s interests and appeared “cool” as opposed to “therapeutic”, Bec had an epiphany one day while spending time in a sewing room – she could hand make them herself!

Driven be a commitment to evolve societies approach to mental health and disability, Alex and Bec, along with the Wildflower team expanded beyond individual support, introducing group programs, workshops and collaborations with community organisations that assisted with addressing the communities needs at the time including but not limited to 2019/2020 bushfires and COVID-19.


As their dream flourished and the need within the community got greater, Alex and Bec envisioned a larger space to bloom. In early 2023, renovations began for their purpose built garden in Tahmoor. Six months of creative endeavours and overcoming hurdles resulted in a purpose built space for the community. Wildflower Holistic Services opened their Tahmoor doors in July 2023, complete with a refreshed brand and new team members.

The Wildflower dream was now in full bloom, and Alex, Bec, and the entire Wildflower team look forward to welcoming you into the space as we see, hear and celebrate all of you!

Photograph of Bec and Alex
Photograph of Bargo space
Launch of our weighted blankets
Photograph of the first Wildflower team
Photograph of our group programs
Photograpgh of Alex and Bec infront of new space
New space renovations
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Updated current staff photo
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