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Bushfire Initatives

The 2019/2020 Green Wattle Creek bushfires brought catastrophe to our doorstep.


Our local community was reeling at the start of 2020 and the destruction sustained in the bushfires that surrounded our Wollondilly region, so we knew we had to help as many people as we could to deal with the impact of this situation.


Being leaders in our area for allied/holistic wellbeing we knew the mental health struggles that would eventuate needed to be addressed with loads of support that we specialise in, and we also knew we had the perfect tool to help people find calm and lessen any feelings of overwhelm in their body so we instigated our bushfire initiative of “Pay it Forward”. 


Pay it Forward allowed people to purchase a Comfort Buddy Weighted Blanket to be donated to someone in need due to the Green Wattle Creek bushfires.


Our handmade weighted blankets are proven to support our sensory system to minimise stress on our nervous system and use deep pressure touch to release our feel good hormones to increase feelings of calm and safety.


So far WHS has been able to donate 15 blankets to those in need to support their wellbeing. We are aware that the impact on mental health in our region will be felt for years to come so we are proud to be continuously offering this initiative to provide assistance where needed in our community.


If you would like to contribute please purchase the blanket of your choice and advise at checkout that it is to support our Pay it Forward campaign.

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Wildflower Holistic Services would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respect to their wisdom & continuing culture.

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