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Community Offerings

School Holiday workshops - 25 Sept - 6 Oct 2023

Come on down to Wildflower Holistic Services and join us for a morning of fun, creativity, body movement and exploration.

Jump into our sensational play universe and take part in this 2-hour workshop which will include a range of sensory gym activities and creating.  We want our little legends to explore, play and learn using their body and senses. 


This workshop will be broken into two parts; a sensory gym play experience where our little legends will complete a range of challenges and activities in our amazing sensory gym space. 

We will then design and craft fidget spinners, using an array of materials. Your little legend will blend creativity and sensory exploration to bring their spinners to life. With a few surprises along the way, It's a hands-on experience that promises endless fascination and fun.


This sensational play universe workshop is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn, laugh, and let their imaginations soar!


Limited spots available, bookings essential.



  • 2-hour workshop which includes sensory gym play and fidget toy building

  • All materials provided in the cost of the workshop 

  • FUN and exciting school holiday activity 

  • Great opportunity to meet new people

5-12 years - Wednesday 27 September  10am - 12pm 

                                             $70 per person

* Creative Kids Vouchers and some NDIS plans can be used as payment for this holiday workshop


Unleash your child’s creativity in our craft corner holiday workshop. 


School holidays have just got a whole lot more exciting with our craft corner ready for our little legends to explore. Dive into a world of imagination and hands-on fun at our holiday Craft Workshop for Kids. Designed to ignite creativity and nurture artistic expression, this workshop offers a dynamic and engaging environment where children can explore a wide array of crafting techniques and materials.


Each session is carefully crafted to suit different age groups, ensuring that every child experiences age-appropriate challenges and a sense of achievement. Whether your little legend is a budding artist or just looking to have a blast with friends, our Craft Corner promises an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, learning, and boundless creativity.

Watch as your child's confidence soars and their imagination takes flight in our vibrant and inclusive crafting haven. 


Join us for a memorable journey through colours, textures, and endless possibilities – a workshop where kids don't just make crafts, they make memories!



  • 2 hr workshop 

  • All materials provided in the workshop 

  • Through the workshop, we will create a range of art and crafts allowing our little legends to explore their creativity in a safe space 

  • FUN and exciting school holiday activity 

  • We accept Creative Kids vouchers for all our creative groups and workshops - contact us

5-12 years - Wednesday 04 October

10am - 12pm

                                             $55 per person

* Creative Kids Vouchers and some NDIS plans can be used as payment for this holiday workshop

Mental Health Month - October 2023

Discover the power of self-care and mental wellness at our rejuvenating 4-week Restore, Refocus, Replenish YOU program. In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to prioritize your mental health and find positive ways to manage stress.


To support our community and raise awareness throughout Mental Health Month, we are bringing back our Restore, Refocus, Replenish YOU program to assist in managing stress and prevent burnout. 


Join us for a transformative self-care experience where you'll learn valuable techniques to nurture your mind, body, and soul. This amazing program designed by a Psychologist will guide you through a series of mindfulness exercises, stress-reduction strategies, and self-care practices that are designed to promote emotional well-being.


During this program, you'll explore the importance of self-compassion, healthy boundaries, and effective stress management. You'll gain practical tools to incorporate into your daily routine, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with resilience.


  • 4 sessions (1 per week across October) 

  • Practices that can be implemented into your professional & personal life

  • Deeper awareness of self

  • Social connection

  • Resource booklet full of relevant information

  • Creative self-care session in week 1 where you make self-care goodies

 $240 for the 4 week program *

* By registering for this you are signing up for the 4 week program which runs from 6.30pm - 8pm every Thursday throughout October. 


Would you like to use your current Mental Health Care plan?

Individuals can access both one-on-one sessions and group sessions at the same time so registering for our program does not affect your 10 one-on-one sessions. The rebate is $32.90 weekly so in total you will be paying $240 however you can claim back $131.60 from Medicare.

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