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Welcome to our garden

Our aim is to foster a society where individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities, live, work and interact in ways that complement and celebrate their individuality. We imagine a future where personalised, holistic healthcare is at the forefront, and mental health and disability are acknowledged as facets in the diverse tapestry of the human experience.

Our purpose is to evolve the societal approach towards mental health and disability by transforming the prevailing attitudes that reduce people to a mere diagnosis or diagnosis’.

Our Purpose

The Wildflower ecosystem acknowledges that every individual is multifaceted and a holistic approach is necessary for an individual to bloom into their uniquely healthy selves, as opposed to focusing primarily on their symptoms or diagnosis.

Our Mission

Our Values


Nurtures the holistic development of individuals


Foster meaningful connections


Educate to empower


 Embrace individuals for who they are and their unique contributions

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Alexa Young, CA

Awards Received

We have been super grateful to be nominated for several awards in our first year of business and to be recognised as the winner of some of them was an extremely proud achievement for our Wildflowers team.

We are so passionate about our role in shifting the way things have always been done in health and wellbeing, so that everyone is able to acknowledge and celebrate their uniqueness and for us, these awards 

  • Outstanding Young Women Entrepreneur Award 2020

  • TKR Consulting New Startup Business Award​ 2020

To find out more about The Wollondilly Women is Excellence Awards check them out here -

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