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Paediatric Doctor

“I am dedicated to providing kind, compassionate care to my patients. It is my sincere belief that all children deserve to feel seen, understood and looked after. I strive to work alongside families in order to facilitate health and wellbeing for every child. This is my life’s work and brings me great joy.” - Dr Niluka coehlo

Kids Doctor Checkup

Wildflower Holistic Services is passionate about supporting our community through a holistic approach by providing support for ones physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  This is why we are committed to including services in our space that address all aspects of health and wellbeing and we believe our Paediatrician plays a key role in support our little legends and their families, to ensure they are healthy and accessing the necessary services , allowing them to grow and thrive as the unique individuals they are.

What are Dr Niluka Coehlo's special interests?

  • Unsettled babies, reflux, infant feeding difficulties

  • Asthma, eczema and allergies

  • Gastrointestinal conditions

  • Giftedness and Twice exceptionality (2e)

  • ADHD, anxiety and learning difficulties

  • Developmental differences and Autism Spectrum

What would you expect from appointment?


 All initial appointments go for 1 hour with the child and parent / career present. Within this appointment there will be a lot of information gathering surrounding medical history, growth and development, presenting challenges and if you are accessing any services. Physical assessments will be conducted, then a plan will be made requiring steps moving forward to better understand your child's needs and supports they may require. 


Our follow up sessions go for 30 minutes, where we will discuss actions from the previous appointment, discuss any new presentations or challenges, assess physical health if required and make a plan to support the child and family moving forward,


We believe in taking a family-centred, holistic approach to supporting our clients with their growth and development which is why we see the importance of collaborating with families, other therapists, and teachers where required. This ensures that everyone is able to support the individual as a cohesive team.

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