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Murals For Change

Being the change makers we are and always wanting to shake things up and provide a space for everyone to think differently about mental health and disability, collaborating with Montana Lower and Murals for Change was a perfect way to share the power of art therapy to do just that!



We are so excited to announce that in collaboration with the Wollondilly Shire Council, Murals For Change and Wildflower Holistic will be hosting a free community mural workshop to spread awareness and support to the Bushfire Recovery effort in Oakdale, NSW!⁠

⁠With the goal of building a renewed sense of community connection and providing support for mental health through creativity in the wake of the Bushfire crisis, we invite everyone from surrounding townships and regional areas to help us paint this large scale community artwork!⁠


⁠'You don’t have to be a professional to make a difference, all you need is the courage to begin' ⁠


Previous projects with Mural for change - artist spotlight

During the month of August 2020 our Co-founder, Psychologist and Art Therapist Alex, was the SPOTLIGHT Artist sharing her skills and knowledge of how we can all use art to support ourselves to regulate our emotions and gain a deeper understanding  of our ourselves and the experiences that have molded our lives until now.

At Wildflowers we believe that having this greater sense of self awareness is a powerful way to support yourself through mental health challenges and find compassion for yourself as you move through your current situation and emotions.

Having the opportunity to support a huge number of people during the free online art therapy session was epic and the timing could not have been more perfect given the impact 2020 was having on everyone worldwide at the time.

Art therapy is one of our favourite tools to support people of all ages through difficulties or simply to understand themselves more so when we were given the chance to partner with Murals for Change it was a no brainer! For us, sharing this work is crucial to reduce the stigma around art therapy and highlight what an amazing option it is in assisting people to experience wellness in life. 

While it’s our goal to highlight the magic that art therapy offers people to live a life of wellness, we know that the most important piece is for this to be accessible to everyone, cause it’s so much easier to understand the power of something when you get to experience first hand right? So we will forever be here sharing this goodness with our Wildflower Fam, while taking the chance to collaborate with those willing to embrace the magic that is Art Therapy!

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