About Us

Our Purpose

To create opportunities for you to thrive authentically.

Our Mission

To create a community who embody innovative therapies and embrace our complimentary blueprint to healing allowing a shift in the way mental health is viewed and treated for 10 million people by 2030

Our Values


What you see is what you get. We believe we can’t get you to be authentic and vulnerable if we aren’t an authentic version of ourselves with you. We honour the contribution that each person sharing their individuality brings to the world and get excited by the opportunity to create a space of awareness and acceptance where our community feels safe to be themselves.


We promise to stay true to ourselves by behaving in a way that is honest and upholds our moral and ethical beliefs, allowing us to move forward with integrity, knowing we are undivided and steadfast in our convictions. We champion the acknowledgement of integrity that recognises inclusion and diversity as powerful tools in our mission for much needed understanding and change that allows all to flourish.


As humans we are wired for connection. Our aim is to create a genuine connection, seeded in acknowledgement, acceptance and support. We are passionate about our connection with our community to deliver social impact for our next generation of change makers and for those who guide them. We know we are only one business but we also know we are powerful contributors to our community when purposeful and sincere connection is cultivated and this excites us!


Empowerment is embedded in everything we do. Empowering the next generation of change makers, empowering the individuals who guide them and empowering ourselves to be the support you need to blossom. Its not about us telling you what to do, it’s about recognising your strengths, drawing out your innate wisdom and providing hope to give you the wings to soar so you are not somebodies, rather you are some body.


We are forever thinking outside the box, because we know that not one box fits all! We believe, to offer the highest quality of support to our community and ripple the changes needed to shift how mental health is viewed and treated, it is essential to be open to new ideas, knowledge and best practice that is always focused on the best outcomes for our clients.  We are always willing to learn and evolve in order to be leaders of therapeutic solutions in integrative health.


Our sustainability commitment relates to your quality of support and our responsibility to our planet. 

We deeply believe in the innate wisdom and skills you posses to generate change and heal, so we see our job as helping you embrace this to allow the tools and support we offer to be more sustainable. 

Our passion to create a eco-minded approach to our business involves  the minimisation of our environmental impact wherever possible. We mindfully create a space based on the ethical treatment and support of our magical planet and all it’s creatures.

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Address:  Unit 4, 217 Great Southern Road, Bargo

Email:  info@wildflowerholisticservices.com

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To create opportunities for you to thrive authentically.

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Wildflower Holistic Services would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respect to their wisdom & continuing culture.

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