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About Us

At Wildflowers we acknowledge you are unique. The odds of your existence roaming the world exactly as you are at this given time point are so rare that you are the only YOU that will ever be. We know that your life’s moments are a stamp in time, that you can change often and that you can change quickly. Who you are right now is not always who you will be due to the magical endless potential inside of you, that allows you to bloom as the wildflower you are.

Our Purpose

Creating a space for you to celebrate YOU and live in authenticity with yourself.

Our Values


What you see is what you get. We believe we can’t get you to be authentic and vulnerable if we aren’t an authentic version of ourselves with you. We really appreciate the contribution that each person sharing their whole authentic self brings to the world and that’s why we celebrate everyone in their humanness. We believe being authentic is a super power and we give full permission for everyone to be authentically who they are at Wildflowers.


We promise to stay true to ourselves by behaving in a way that is honest and upholds our moral and ethical beliefs. At Wildflowers we believe having integrity helps build trust and an understanding that we are undivided and steadfast in our convictions. We champion the acknowledgement of integrity that recognises inclusion and diversity as powerful tools in our mission for much needed acceptance and change that allows all to flourish.


As humans we are wired for connection. Our aim is to create genuine connections with our clients and community, based in acknowledgement, acceptance and celebration of exactly who you are. We are passionate about our connection with our community to deliver social impact for our next generation of changemakers and for those who guide them. We know we are only one business but we also know we are powerful contributors to our community when purposeful and genuine connection is nurtured and this excites us!


Empowerment is super important for all that we do and stand for. Empowering the next generation of change makers, empowering the individuals who guide them and empowering ourselves to be the support you need to blossom. It’s not about us telling you what to do, it’s about recognising your strengths, drawing out your innate wisdom and providing hope to give you the wings to soar so you are not somebodies, rather you are Some Body. We believe empowerment is key to supporting ourselves and our community to not only blossom as your own unique version of self but also to celebrate this personal growth every step of the way.


Thinking outside the box is a given at Wildflowers as we know that one size does not fit all! We are passionate about celebrating the individuality and diversity of our community and therefore we are excited when we get to support our clients in ways that are right for them. To offer the highest quality of support to our community and have the lasting impact needed to shift how mental health and disability is viewed and treated, we are continuously open to new ideas, knowledge and best practice that is always focused on the best outcomes for our clients.  We are forever willing to learn and evolve in order to be leaders of therapeutic solutions in integrative health.


Our sustainability commitment relates to our quality of services and responsibility to our planet. 

It’s really important for us to offer you the tools and resources that you are able to utalise in life to create sustainability in all areas of your wellbeing. Knowing that you have the ability to positively impact your situation long term and to support you as you continue to flourish and celebrate your uniqueness makes us super proud of what we do in supporting our clients.

Creating an eco-minded approach to our business involves  the minimisation of our environmental impact wherever possible. We mindfully create a space based on the ethical treatment and support of our magical planet and all its creatures.

Awards Received

We have been super grateful to be nominated for several awards in our first year of business and to be recognised as the winner of some of them was an extremely proud achievement for our Wildflowers team.

We are so passionate about our role in shifting the way things have always been done in health and wellbeing, so that everyone is able to acknowledge and celebrate their uniqueness and for us, these awards 

  • Outstanding Young Women Entrepreneur Award 2020

  • TKR Consulting New Startup Business Award​ 2020

To find out more about The Wollondilly Women is Excellence Awards check them out here -

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