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Our Journey

Wildflower Holistic Services was created from a desire to generate sustainable solutions and practice healthcare in a way that felt authentic, holistic, nurturing, and promoted all areas of wellness -the mind, body and spirit. So with this in mind, two sisters embarked on a journey to create a service and product that encompassed their dreams because when there is no sun, sunflowers turn towards each other and radiate the power from within to support one another. This  is wholeheartedly our desire at Wildflowers, to create a nurturing and safe space, to see, hear and celebrate you!

Wildflowers grow in and under barren, dry and adverse conditions, yet they grow and bloom to be beautiful and unique despite the adversity that they may have faced. We see humans to be really similar to that of wildflowers, we all have shit we go through or shit that we carry, yet there is so much beauty and something to treasure in every human.

At Wildflower Holistic Services we seek to:

- Guide you to acknowledge your ‘humanness’ 

- Celebrate your uniqueness

- Explore your endless potential through evidence based integrative healthcare practices 

- Create meaningful and purposeful therapeutic relationships


Because just like wildflowers,  we acknowledge you are unique. The odds of your existence roaming the world exactly as you are at this given time point are so rare that you are the only YOU that will ever be. We know that your life’s moments are a stamp in time, that you can change often and that you can change quickly. Who you are right now is not always who you will be due to the magical endless potential inside of you, that allows you to bloom as the wildflower you are.

In addition to Wildflowers, we went on to create a product, Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets. Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets was created out of a genuine desire to provide sustainable solutions to help regulate an individual’s nervous system and our desire to hand make aesthetically pleasing weighted blankets. Initially we were forever searching for weighted blankets that met the interests of our clients and appeared “cool” as opposed to “therapeutic” until one day after spending some time in a sewing room we realised we could hand make them ourselves!! Several prototypes later and lots of time spent deliberating fabric patterns we are pleased that we can hand make, what we believe are, aesthetically pleasing to the eye weighted blankets whilst filling these blankets with love from our own backyard.

As the founders of the practice and product, Wildflowers and Comfort Buddy, is a creative extension and  embodiment of both of us. How we have developed and then continue to bloom,  how we look after and nurture our business partnership and how we communicate together, has set the atmosphere for how we want to support you as an individual.

We look forward to welcoming you and being a part of your journey.

Alex &Bec

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