Our Team of Wildflowers

Alexandra – Wildflower Co-Founder, Psychologist and Art Therapist

Alexandra, often referred to as Alex is a soul driven woman who is passionate about wellness, sustainability and living a life deeply anchored in connection to herself and the community around her. Alexandra is a Psychologist and Art Therapist who is often seen not wearing shoes in her therapeutic space. 


Alex believes it takes real courage to show up within that space, so authentic expression on her behalf is something she holds high. Working across a variety of settings, she has come to specialise in working with individuals who are experiencing or have experienced trauma. Often when big life events happen we can feel disempowered, which is where her real passion shines through - working with individuals to empower them to become the best versions of themselves and bloom as the wildflower they are. Alex believes if we keep treating individuals as they are, they will be as they are but if we treat them as who they can be, they can become who they can be.


Alex applies a holistic approach to therapy, believing it’s important to look at the person as a whole, not just the presenting issues. Alex brings an eclectic mix of therapies and is often found thinking outside of the box to engage and collaborate with all parties including schools and allied health professional for the best interest of the client.



  • Developmental and Complex Trauma

  • School Transition and School Refusal

  • Anxiety and Adjustment Disorder

  • Depressive Disorders

  • Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Personality Disorders (BPD)

  • Self Esteem and Self Empowerment

  • Spiritual Emergence and Life Purpose

  • Psychometric and Cognitive testing for Children and Adults

For Alex, the creation of Wildflower Holistic Services, is the embodiment of a life’s desire to be the ignitor of connection within communities to offer support through clinical and alternative medicine, which Alex appreciates as potently complimentary for complete wellness.


To make an appointment with Alexandra, please go to Contact Us page.

Rebecca – Wildflower Co-Founder, Occupational Therapist

Rebecca, often referred to as Bec, is a woman who is bursting with energy and a vibe of positivity and empowerment. Bec wholeheartedly believes in empowering those around her to achieve their greatness and this is embodied in her role as an Paediatric Occupational Therapist, in which she finds deep joy and satisfaction in supporting her clients, and their parents, to be emboldened with knowledge, self belief and quality support to allow their individual brilliance to be illuminated.


Bec is creatively gifted and has a deep need for sensory input, so she put both together and used these gifts to hand make the divine products of Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets, which honours her commitment to supporting the mental, physical and emotional development of her clients through sensory engagement.


As a creator of Wildflower Holistic Services it is Bec’s desire to create a truly inspiring space of connection and wellness for her community to thrive within. Bec is inspired by the uniqueness of her life where every day, every situation, every client, brings it’s own individual experiences, challenges and successes to create a life of magic and wonder to be grateful for.


At the moment, no one on one appointments can made with Bec, however you will see her in the space playing with all of our sensory toys, co-facilitating group programs, workshops and of course she is the smile behind your handmade Comfort Buddy weighted blankets.

Lucas - Executive Administrative Assistant

Lucas is a gentle soul, calm, and passionate man. As the Executive Administrative Assistant, he has the extremely important role of connecting with our team and our clients to ensure the provision of services offered is as seamless and enjoyable as possible at all times.

Coming from an international background, Lucas had to battle for his way in our country and for his rights. Therefore he understands the power of persistence and high quality organisation skills as these were the key elements that made it possible for him to create the life he desired and embody his dreams. As a result-and-performance-driven individual and given is life experiences, Lucas believes in the power of the human spirit and is passionate about helping the community involved with Wildflowers to connect, keep the momentum and bloom into the most amazing wildflower they can be.

Lucas is an ocean and nature lover. Through surfing, yoga, and meditation he finds his way of connecting with his inner self and with the earth. He is a traveler and an adventurer who is always seeking to help and serve those around him. He is committed to his own personal growth and awareness and uses his connection to nature and adventurous spirit to continuously explore his life on every level to create wellness of mind, body and spirit.

 Stephanie - Virtual Assistant 


Steph is a Soul driven seeker of all things love & magic! Steph is a qualified Reiki practitioner and VA (Virtual Assistant) to consciously minded women in business, a mum, partner and moon gazer! 


Her support of Wildflower Holistic Services is anchored in a deep connection to her intuitive abilities and administrative skills to provide a high quality contribution to, what she feels, is the powerfully important mission of the Wildflower team. 

Steph truly believes in the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness and finds immense gratification in being of service to the Wildflower community by engaging her creative and administrative skills to support the thriving of all who experience the empowering essence of Wildflower Holistic Services.

A true believer in the power of love, Steph trusts in the impact of honouring the passion and genius within others to allow them to shine and share their gifts with the World around them, and the wondrous ripples of magic this creates. 

Emma - Practice Manager


Emma is a gentle and kind woman who is passionate about holistic health, connection, community, sustainability, and authenticity. 

Emma holds a Bachelor degree in Psychological Sciences and is currently completing a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. When she isn’t working or studying, you can find Emma practicing yoga, spending time outdoors enjoying nature, cuddling her dog or tucked away with a cup of tea and a good book.

In her role as Practice Manager, Emma will be your first point of contact at Wildflowers and has the important role of connecting our team and our community, to create a truly nourishing experience. 

Emma is deeply committed to personal reflection and growth, and through the practices of daily rest, journaling, yoga and meditation, is able to cultivate a sense of curiosity about her own inner world and continue to bloom as the wildflower she truly is.

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