Our self-care retreat is a one-day event created specifically to provide parents with children/adolescents who defy society's norms and are the square peg that doesn't 'fit' into society's round hole with some quality time and space to deeply relax and unwind.

You will be provided with an open and supportive environment where you will be welcome to explore what self-care means to you and the importance of prioritising self-care in your daily life to feel nurtured, safe and peaceful.


This will be a deeply nourishing day engaging in a variety of hands-on activities and women's sharing cirle.


Retreat inclusions;

- Women's sharing circle

- Meditation

- Self-care booklet

- Resources to make self-care spray, sugar scrub and bath bombs

- Self-care strategies and tools to include in life post the retreat

- Grazing board suitable for all dietary requirements


This workshop is a beautiful opportunity for you to engage and explore in a safe space in order to feel a deeper sense of relaxation, self awareness and rejuvination in your daily life moving forward.

March 18th - Wildflower Wellness Retreat