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Psychological Services

“The spontaneous movement in all of us is toward connection, health, and aliveness. No matter how withdrawn and isolated we have become, on the deepest level, just as a plant spontaneously moves toward sunlight, there is in each of us an impulse moving toward connection and healing” – Daniel Heller and Aline LaPierre.

Think of Wildflower Holistic Services as an integrative sensory hub that encompasses a holistic approach to wellness, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual parts of the self.


Move over traditional talk therapy, at Wildflower Holistic Services we are all about engaging all of our senses through creative, sensory, practical, non-verbal, body and brain based interventions to regulate our nervous system, establish new neural pathways, increase connection, create a sense of safety in self and work towards wellness, whatever that may be for you. 


Our counselling practice is led by the belief that people possess their own sense of wisdom and self-knowledge that can sometimes go unnoticed. Our therapy team strives to nourish, strengthen, and bring into light each individual’s resilience and ability to create a fulfilled, authentic and empowered life.

We have learned without a doubt that it is not what you know that makes you an effective and helpful therapist, but it is about who you are. Counselling is about connection and relationship.  Research tells us that the most significant predictor of a positive outcome for therapy is the relationship someone has with their therapist. This factor has been shown to be even more important than what interventions, strategies or techniques are used in counselling. It is so important for us that the people we work with see us, their psychologist, as another person, rather than "experts" or well-functioning robots. We too have insecurities and flaws, and experience fear and sadness and struggle with our own vulnerabilities. It is this collective experience as humans that helps us to connect with each other in meaningful ways and to help each other learn, grow and thrive. With this information and our experience in mind, we are passionate about the connection we make with all of our clients, to maximise the effectiveness of your sessions and the quality of life you are able to enjoy. 




Wildflower's team of highly skilled and experienced integrative psychologists provides counselling for issues such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Grief and loss

  • Relationships

  • Self-esteem & Self Empowerment

  • Life transitions & Spiritual Emergence

  • Parenting and attachment

  • Emotional, social & behavioural concerns in children

  • School Transition & School Refusal

  • Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Developmental & Complex Trauma

  • Psychometric and Cognitive testing for Children and Adults

Our Services

Children & Adolescence

At Wildflowers we are blessed to have a qualified Child & Adolescent Psychologist to support your child/teen as they move through what can be quite difficult years in a persons life. 


When a young person is engaged in psychological therapy it is necessary for us to connect with their parent/s as well and we see this as a truly special opportunity to connect with the family unit in support of achieving mental, physical and emotional health outcomes for your young one. Given how important the relationship with your therapist is to the success of your treatment, we wholeheartedly believe building a foundation of trust and openness within the family is crucial for the best support for your little one to thrive.

When a young person is age 14 and under, and depending on circumstances, half of the first session is always spent speaking with the parent/s  about the identified concerns and the impact of these concerns on the young person and family unit. The rest of the session is then speaking with the young person about their identified concerns, this of course is always dependent on the age of the child. At the end of the session it is then discussed collectively where we may be moving forward. 

As an adult it can be difficult to reach out and gain the support needed to ensure you are nourishing your wellbeing on every level, especially your mental and emotional health. You could experience feelings of failure, overwhelm, anxiety, disappointment or weakness - we get it! That’s why our highly qualified integrative psychologists are so passionate about helping you feel at ease with your decision to seek support and make sure you feel secure and nurtured throughout your time with us.

Taking the step to engage in psychological support to improve your mental health and ensure a better quality of life, is a decision that will support better outcomes in every area of your life and give you life long skills to create the life you deserve. 


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