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Term 3 Offerings

Calming Kids

Helping your little ones who have experienced trauma, ground through their sensors and somatically to increase confidence, feelings of peace and their ability to self regulate their emotions.


A supportive, fun, interactive and educational program designed to provide your little legend with the language to help identify and label their emotions. Using mindfulness, movement, breath, play and creativity to identify their strengths, increase confidence and cultivate positive communication skills.


GROWTH MINDSET                SENSORY PLAY               YOGA                MINDFULNESS                     BREATH 

Sensational Kids

Here to help your little legends who experience sensory overload how to interpret the messages received and become more self aware, allowing them to become more capable of self regulating their emotions and behaviour.

Supporting your child/ren through creativity, education, mindfulness and fun to build their confidence, have a greater understanding of their body and emotions and to feel  safe and accepted through establishing positive relationships with themselves and others.

senory paint.jpg

SENSORY PLAY                MINDFULNESS                MOVEMENT                    BREATH                      EDUCATION

Girls Rising

Through the exploration of art, movement, breath, life skills, mindset, fun & sharing we are helping tween and teen girls realise and develop their own individual beauty & confidence. 

Focussing on self-esteem, confidence, relationship tools, body image, communication & courage, we support their inner world to help their outer world glow as they grow and shine as the wildflower they are.


BE COURAGEOUS               BE FREE                BE WILD                BE UNSTOPPABLE            BE KIND             BE YOU

Boys Thriving

Giving boys the chance to explore who they are and what makes them awesome, while in a safe space to share and be supported as they move through challenges and changes in life. 

Concentrating on self-esteem, confidence, communication, body image, relationship tools and being brave, we will support your little legends to feel stronger and more willing to be who they are as they discover their strengths and share that with the world around them.


BE BRAVE               BE UNSTOPPABLE             BE WILD              BE ADVENTUROUS              BE KIND            BE YOU

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