Group Programs

Growth Mindset - Sensory Play - Yoga - Mindfulness - Breath  

     Commencing Monday 3rd August

                      8 Week Program

               5-8yrs, 3:45pm - 4:45pm

                9-12yrs, 5pm - 6pm

As kids grow and develop they are bombarded with emotional, physical and mental responses which, when acknowledged, provide awareness of what feels nourishing and what they wish to move away from. Educating our kids about how to become aware of these cues and how best to respond so they can stay calm and feel safe is the aim of our Calming Kids program.


Through our Calming Kids program we will be providing the support needed for your child/ren to gain the self awareness to increase their emotional intelligence and access the language and tools needed to express themselves, teaching them the language to recognise bodily sensations and label their emotions and helping them to find their calm in moments of distress or overwhelm. 


Now more than ever in the history of our world, children need other skills beyond reading, writing, and math to make it in today’s world. Without discarding the critical basics for education, we now need to include being intuitive, thinking out of the box and being compassionate with one another. We need to help children cope with stress. Using mindfulness and a somatic approach, we can become more receptive and compassionate to ourselves and others.


This program is focussed on assisting your child/ren  who find it difficult to express their emotions with self regulation techniques, increased self confidence and a greater sense of safety and peace.


Often we have parents ask us, “how can we talk to our kids about their emotions” - learning our emotions is a skill, feeling emotions and not avoiding them is a skill! Through this program your kids will learn this skill - magic for life! 

This program is sure to be filled with growth and joy as the kids explore:


Calming Kids

  • Increased self-awareness 

  • Ability to self regulate emotions

  • Decreased stress and anxiety

  • Increased confidence

  • Identifying their strengths

  • Greater awareness of compassion and it’s value

  • Learning mindfulness practices

  • Support in using their intuition to make positive choices

  • Solution focussed mindset

  • Positive communication strategies

  • Feelings of groundedness, peace and safety 

  • Positive relationships with self and others

  • And many, many more!

We often recommend little legends to complete Calming Kids prior to Sensational Kids as it is a great stepping stone into the Sensational Kids program, however this is not always necessary. Please reach out if you have any questions.  

Sensory Play - Mindfulness - Movement - Breath  - Education

     Commencing Thursday 6th August

                      8 Week Program

               5-8yrs, 4pm - 5pm

                9-12yrs, 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Through the Sensational Kids program we intend to help your child/ren gain knowledge of themselves and provide the support needed for them to ground through the senses which decreases stress and increases confidence, self esteem and their ability to self regulate. Learning how to successfully manage this is a phenomenal way to address anxiety or discomfort felt throughout their lives and will be teaching a skill felt in the body that is a lifelong tool in making choices.


The program is a multi-sensory experience that incorporates mindfulness, movement, breath, play and creativity to provide your kids with knowledge that will be useful and support their growth as they blossom throughout each stage of their lives. 


For children who suffer from autism, ADHD and anxiety, being highly stimulated throughout the day is almost unavoidable and at times can be unbearable. Our Sensational Kids program is a space where they can explore what sensory tools or practices best support them to manage the chaotic feelings that can be experienced and then learn how to use their senses to help them find the internal balance they need. 


Empowering kids with this knowledge of self regulations is an awesome way to increase their self confidence, feelings of safety and awareness to make positive choices throughout their lives.


This program is sure to be full of fun and education with loads of benefits for your little legends including:  


Sensational Kids

  • Education of their senses and interpreting the messages received

  • Increased self awareness

  • Sensory and somatic tools and practices to support their emotional needs

  • Education of their sensory system

  • Increased confidence

  • Self regulation techniques

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • Feeling of safety and acceptance

  • Positive relationships with self and others

  • learn emotional regulation strategies and where their bodies are at

  • walk away with sensory diets and visuals to use in the home, at school

  • And many, many more!

We often recommend little legends to complete Calming Kids prior to Sensational Kids as it is a great stepping stone into the Sensational Kids program, however this is not always necessary. Please reach out if you have any questions.  

Girls Rising


   Commencing Friday 14th August

                   6 Week Program

             12-15yrs,  5:15 - 6:30pm

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Positive relationships with self and others

  • Self-acceptance

  • Increased confidence

  • Mindfulness, relaxation and self-love practices

  • Positive communication tools

  • Awareness of her strengths and worthiness 

  • Opportunity to share and be heard

  • Decreased stress and anxiety

  • Embodiment of compassion for self and others

  • Positive mindset

  • Healthy boundaries 

  • Courage to live authentically

  • Feel included and important to the community around her

  • Experience of several techniques to support positive mental health throughout her life

  • &  So many more!

Girls Rising is dedicated to helping tween and teen girls recognise, acknowledge and celebrate their own individual beauty and brilliance, supporting them to feel empowered, accepted and loved from the inside out!


By providing a safe and nourishing space to be heard and valued while becoming more deeply connected to themselves, we aim to assist young girls with the exploration of self-discovery, enhance healthy relationships with self and others, build self-esteem and teach her the skills to have the confidence to be herself, whoever that may be! 


In order to facilitate the discussion around the wellbeing of each young girl and give her the inspiration to flourish, we will use art & craft, body movement, mindfulness practices, storytelling and growth mindset activities in a fun, authentic and accepting space. 

We are so passionate about empowering the young girls of our community with the awareness and tools to truly accept themselves and radiate love and acceptance from the inside out, as we know that this level of self compassion and love ripples magic all young girls need to embody and receive from the world around them to blossom as the wildflower they are.


This program is bound to change your tween or teens life in so many magical ways with benefits including:-

Girls Rising welcomes everyone who identifies with the she/her/they/them pronoun.

Girls Rising is created by Wildflower Holistic Services in connection with Community Links. Community Links have subsidised the cost of Girls Rising, allowing it be accessable for all.


    Commencing Monday 10 August

                       6 Week program

           11-13yrs 6:15pm - 7:15pm

Boys Thriving is intentionally created to support young boys as they encounter the challenges and changes that are inevitable as they move through their tween and teen years, to discover, acknowledge and rejoice in the awareness of who they are and help them to stay grounded in the confidence to share this with the world around them. 


Though the use of movement, mindfulness practices, storytelling, creativity and growth mindset activities we aim to support young boys to explore their true potential and become empowered to be who they truly are while always feeling accepted, safe and confident from the inside out! 


We understand the power in helping young boys tap into empathy, compassion and awareness for themselves and those around them and the ripple effect this has in establishing healthy relationships with self and others, increased self esteem and empowered self regulation, which in turn helps create a more positive and productive life for young boys.

Helping the young boys of our community to connect with the magnitude of their brilliance and be confident enough to allow this to shine throughout their lives is an opportunity we relish and we know will have long lasting effects on the quality and fulfilment experienced throughout their lives.

boys thriving.jpg

Boys Thriving

  • Increased compassion for self and others

  • Feelings of peace, kindness and acceptance

  • Support to be brave and achieve his goals

  • Awareness of his somatic system and how it helps him feel calm

  • Connection to his intuition and an understanding of it’s importance

  • Self regulation of his emotions

  • & loads more!

The benefits of this program for young boys are amazing, including:

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Feeling included and important

  • Awareness of his strengths and how to use them

  • A safe place to explore vulnerability

  • Healthy relationships with self and others

  • Awareness of appropriate boundaries

  • Positive communication tools

  • Connection to his individual gifts

  • Mindfulness, relaxation and self-love techniques

Boys Thriving welcomes everyone who identifies with the he/him/they/them pronoun.

Art Without Expectations


    Commencing Tuesday 9 February

                       6 Week program

                    11-14yrs 5pm - 6pm

This epic group program has been designed in collaboration with TherArty to provide a safe, fun and high vibe space for tween/teens in our community to explore their individuality and increase their self awareness and confidence through the power of art therapy.


Each week your change maker will be introduced to a new art medium and be supported to experience the value of learning new skills, along with connecting with like-minded peers to gain access to a deeper understanding of who they are and what makes them unique.


Through this program they will learn all about the power of art to support their mental, emotional and physical health, as well as increase their compassion for and understanding of the world around them and the people in it.


Art Without Expectations gives them space to feel a massive sense of freedom, peace and joy as they learn and explore exactly how they want to share the authentic expression of themselves with the world.

Art Without Expectations welcomes everyone who identifies with the he/him/she/her/they/them pronoun.

This group is full of opportunity for your tween/teen legends to thrive, including;

  • Sensory based play and creativity

  • Space to explore their uniqueness

  • Freedom of expression  

  • Connection to like-minded peers

  • Support from our facilitators to be brave and create authentically

  • Exploration of a range of art medium and textiles

  • Increased confidence, self belief and self appreciation

  • Deeper understand of themselves and their unique strengths

  • Increased compassion and understanding for others perspectives and uniqueness