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Allied Health 

Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) stand as pillars of support, dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of individuals across diverse health domains. In collaboration with our allied health professionals, AHAs at Wildflowers contribute significantly to the delivery of patient-centred care.

Young Students

 AHAs work closely with clinicians, implementing tailored therapeutic goals for our clients. Engaging in one-on-one therapy, they offer hands-on professional support. Regular progress updates and reporting of challenges to supervising clinicians are key components of their role. Like all clinicians at Wildflowers, our AHAs participate in regular supervision from board-approved supervisors every fortnight, as well as in our fortnightly peer supervision. This ensures continuous learning and collaborative growth. Beyond the clinic setting, our AHAs extend their support into schools and homes, seamlessly translating therapeutic strategies into practical, everyday environments. This comprehensive approach enhances the integration of learned strategies within a client's natural environment.

Occupational Therapy:

Within the realm of occupational therapy, our AHAs assist in developing and implementing strategies tailored to individuals who may benefit from extended support or repeated interventions. Their expertise lies in providing sustained assistance over extended periods, ensuring the enduring success of therapeutic strategies.


In the field of psychology, our AHAs excel in crafting and implementing strategies that aid emotional regulation, offer psycho-education, facilitate social skill development, and engage in impactful play therapy. Their multifaceted approach ensures comprehensive psychological support.


Qualifications and Expertise:

Our AHAs bring either extensive experience or formal qualifications in related fields, such as undergraduate degrees in Psychology. This blend of knowledge and hands-on proficiency underscores their role in supporting overall client care.

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