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Comfort Buddy Recycle Initiative  

When we set out on hand making our weighted blankets, it was always in the back of our minds that we knew we wanted to do more for our community and environment. We wanted to give back and serve in a way that felt authentic to us, which is where our Recycle Your Weighted Blanket initiative was born. 

Fast fashion, single-use plastics and the use of chemicals in the production of garments and materials are all significant contributing factors to the global pollution impacting our ozone layer and planet Earth. At Wildflowers one of the ways we aim to reduce our impact is by using donated materials for our inner linings, and where we can purchase our outer linings from stockists committed to reducing their impact on the environment. 


Unfortunately, as humans, our impact doesn't just stop at the production phase of garments and materials. It is estimated that 6000 kilograms of garments and materials are dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. At Wildflowers, we know that you or your little legend will outgrow your weighted blanket as your needs change, which is why we would love to recycle your blanket, preventing it from ending up in landfill! Returning your weighted blanket allows us to re-purpose it by either donating it to an individual in need or recycling all the materials used for any creative endeavours undertaken at the space.


Whilst our difference is small, we know and we believe that any difference in a positive direction is important!

Please note: We can only recycle blankets that have been purchased through our business.

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How it Works

  • Purchase your Comfort Buddy Weighted Blanket

  • Enjoy the epic benefits until you or your little one has outgrown the weight of this initial blanket

  • Contact us to arrange the return of your current blanket and purchase the next size Comfort Buddy Weighted Blanket needed.

  • Receive a 20% discount and FREE postage on your new purchase 

  • Continue to experience the awesome benefits of using a Comfort Buddy weighted blanket knowing that you are a sustainability warrior, ie. you’re AMAZING!

Recycle Your Blanket and Upgrade

Thanks for recycling!

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