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Early Social Skills




5 Weeks

About the Course

Early Social Skills

Our Early Social Skills group is designed for children aged 3.5 -5 years who are embarking on the journey of social interaction, friendship building, and play skills development. This program is crafted to create a nurturing environment where our little legends thrive in their social and emotional growth. 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Peer Engagement: Early Social Skills places a strong emphasis on guiding children in learning how to engage with their peers. Through carefully curated activities, we foster an atmosphere that encourages positive social interactions.

  • Friendship Establishment: Providing a supportive space for children to explore friendships, our program provides a supportive space for children to explore the foundational elements of social bonds. 

  • Play Skill Development: Within the group dynamic, we focus on essential play skills such as taking turns, sharing play equipment, waiting patiently for our turn, and tolerating others in our play space. These activities actively promote early negotiation and compromise skills, laying the groundwork for positive relationships.

  • Sensory Play: We understand the importance of learning through sensory play and experience, to promote growth and development across all areas. Early Social Skills Incorporates hands-on sensory experiences that aim to provide a rich learning environment for our legends.

We acknowledge the pivotal role parents play in extending their little legends skills beyond the group setting. Our program includes education and support for parents, empowering them with the tools and insights needed to reinforce newfound skills within the natural environments of their little legends.

This program has been developed for:

  • Mini Wildflowers who haven't yet started daycare/preschool. 

  • Those who are a little shy and need a little more encouragement to engage with their peers.

  • Those who need help in initiating play in group settings.

  • Those who may play along side their peers independently but struggle to join in on group play.

Early Engagers is the building block for creating a foundation of social wellbeing.

Please contact us directly if you have NDIS funding and would be interested in our social skills group programs.

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