FAQ for Therapy

What services do you offer?

We offer one-on-one psychology, art therapy and trauma sensitive yoga therapy sessions. In addition to our one-on-one services we also offer four therapeutic group programs:
I) Calming Kids: a group that is focused on emotional literacy and emotional regulation. This group is perfect for teaching kids all about their emotions! II) Sensational Kids: a group that is for all of our sensational kids with sensory needs to help them to clearly identify their sensory needs and create a sensory diet. III) Girls Rising: a group for tween/teen girls to help improve their confidence, self esteem and start to better understand themselves in new times of puberty and beyond! IV) Boys Thriving: a group for tween/teen boys to help improve their confidence, self esteem and start to better understand themselves in new times of puberty and beyond!

What are your fees for individual therapy sessions?

For an initial session the fee is $200 and for all subsequent sessions the fee is $180*. With a Mental Health Care Plan and referral letter from your GP, you will be eligible for a rebate of $87.45 per session for a total of ten sessions in a calendar year. Investing in yourself or your child’s well being is one of the most important investments you can ever make.
* The Australian Psychological Society’s current standard recommended fee is $251 per session.

Do you take people with a Mental Health Care Plan?

We do see people with a Mental Health Care Plan, however we do not bulk bill, unless we are seeing an individual under the Bushfire Recovery Access Plan. What this means is that individuals with a Mental Health Care Plan will be paying an out of pocket fee, as explained above in our fee section.

What is a Mental Health Care Plan and how do I get one?

First of all, you will need to book an appointment with your GP and ensure that you have asked to book a double length session for your visit. When you go to see the GP, inform them of any mental health challenges you or your child may be presenting with. They will most likely provide you with a questionnaire to fill out. Your GP will write you up with a referral to a psychologist, like you would get for any other specialist. Please bring this paperwork with you to your first appointment as this will allow you to access a medicare rebate.

I don’t have a mental health care plan, can I still visit one of your practitioners?

Of course you can! Your needs are just as important as an individual's with a mental health care plan. The full fees as stated above will apply without a Medicare rebate.

Are your sessions covered under NDIS funding?

Yes we do see individuals who are self and plan managed. NDIS funding can be utilised for our one on one sessions, along with our group programs. In respect to NDIS fees, as of October 1st 2020 we will be charging NDIS clients in accordance with the industry standard and allocated fees and codes outlined by the NDIS. This will be discussed prior to your first appointment and a Service Agreement will be drawn up. For any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our office on 02 4684 1080.

What if I cannot afford to pay the full fee?

Please contact our office and speak to our receptionist as you may be eligible to access the ‘You in Mind’ program (for those aged 12yrs and over) or the ‘Star 4 Kids’ program (for those under the age of 12).

How do I know which psychologist/art therapist is right for me?

This is a really good question and at the beginning of your first session our therapists will inform you, that one of the key indicators of improving your wellbeing is the relationship you have with your therapist. At the end of the day your mental wellbeing is one of our highest priorities and we want to ensure you see someone who is right for you. If you feel that your therapist is not the right fit for you, we completely respect that. We understand that not every therapist will work for every person, as we are all unique individuals with different needs and personalities. If this is the case, we can ensure you that we will provide you with a list of recommended practitioners that we feel would best suit your needs and personality.

What should I expect in my first session?

Your first session is an opportunity for the therapist to get to know you and to understand your concerns. Your therapist may ask you a lot of questions and sometimes it can seem really daunting to talk to a complete stranger, however it is our therapists’ roles to ensure that you feel a level of comfortability within the session. At the end of your first session, you and your therapist will agree on the frequency and duration of future sessions and set goals together for your therapeutic journey.

What should I expect from therapy?

  • Therapy will provide you with an opportunity to cultivate a sense of self ownership and an increased level of self awareness and greater insight into the role that you play in your own life.
  • Your therapist may provide you with activities to complete outside of the therapeutic space. We often call this “home joy” as opposed to “homework” because we truly believe that by completing these activities it will bring you a level of joy within your life. To get the best results and get the most out of your therapeutic journey requires your commitment to doing the work.
  • The therapy process is not always easy but it is deeply rewarding and enriching.

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions you need will depend entirely on your individual circumstances. Counselling is most effective when it is regular and consistent. Typically, sessions occur weekly or fortnightly to begin with; however, this is flexible. You and your therapist will assess your needs and situation, and decide together on what will work best for you.

My child/adolescent is the client. What will therapy look like for them? Or how can I contact the psychologist?

For any clients 15 years and under, the psychologist will generally meet with the parents first as the first appointment and then it will be decided how to move forward with sessions. Sessions could include both parent and child/adolescent, child/adolescent solo, or a mix of both at different time points throughout the session as required.

If you need to contact the therapist regarding your child/adolescent, you may email the office (info@wildflowerholisticservices.com) with your concerns and the therapist will determine whether a phone call will be required.

Can I contact my therapist after hours?

Your wellbeing is our number one priority and if you need support outside of our business hours, you can check out our helpful list of free support resources HERE.

Do you offer Zoom or telephone counselling?

We sure do! Although nothing beats sharing the therapeutic space together, we do understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get to our office, or maybe you love our vision and what we do and you would like to see us from afar! If you would prefer to or need to arrange a session via Zoom or telephone, please contact our office to let us know. Please note that at times a Medicare rebate can not be offered for telephone or Zoom sessions. Please don't hesitate to contact the office to clarify your eligibility on 02 4684 1080.

Is my information private and confidential?

Yes! Everything you share within your therapy sessions, from the moment you make first contact, is confidential. No one outside of our practice is able to confirm whether you are even attending Wildflower Holistic Services, unless you provide written consent to us that we are able to share this information with another specific person. The exception to this is if your therapist becomes concerned about your safety or someone else's safety, requiring them to take steps to ensure that Duty of Care is covered. As we work from a Person-Centred approach, wherever possible and appropriate, these steps will always be discussed in collaboration with you prior to taking action. Our client support and therapy teams have been trained to safeguard the confidentiality of your information obtained during your access of our service. Considering their legal and organisational requirements, our team: (a) make provisions for maintaining confidentiality in the collection, recording, accessing, storage, dissemination, and disposal of information; and (b) take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of your information if they were to leave Wildflower Holistic Services, or cease to provide you with therapy.

How can I find out more about your group programs?

Please feel free to contact our office on 02 4680 1080 or visit our website www.wildflowerholisticservices.com. If you fill out the group session booking form, further information will be sent to your inbox!