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Co-founder & Lead Psychologist

Meet Alexandra, Alex is a thought leader and visionary who is passionate about evolving the societal approach towards mental health and disability, and shaping the future of therapeutic care through supervising and mentoring our next generation of clinicians.

For Alex, she believes it takes real courage to show up within the therapeutic space, so authentic expression on her behalf is something she holds high. Working across a variety of settings, Alex’s speciality lies in seeing, hearing and celebrating an individual for who they are. She holds a strong belief in the societal pressures and expectations that shape people's identities. Consequently, she advocates for treating individuals not only as they currently are but also for the boundless potential of who they can become. In her eyes, nurturing the development of the whole person opens the doors to transformation and growth, allowing an individual to feel a sense of peace and acceptance, through empowering them to embrace their present selves while envisioning a brighter future. In her therapeutic practice, Alex adopts a holistic approach, recognizing the significance of viewing each individual as a complete and interconnected being. Going beyond superficial observations, she delves deep into the core of a person's experiences. This commitment to understanding the entirety of an individual is evident in her comprehensive clinical assessments. By peeling back the layers and exploring the root causes, Alex draws on an eclectic mix of therapies, continuously thinking outside the box and seeking innovative ways to engage and collaborate with various stakeholders, including schools and allied health professionals, always prioritizing the best interest of her clients.

For Alex, the creation of Wildflower Holistic Services, is the embodiment of a life’s desire to be the ignitor of connection within communities and to mitigate the escalating rise of mental health and disability. Acknowledging the potency of both clinical and alternative medicine, Alex understands their complementary roles in nurturing the complete development of a whole person. By igniting this transformative vision, Alex aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of many, paving the way for a healthier community that allows people to live, work, and interact in ways that complement and celebrate their individuality. When Alex is not physically at work, she remains engrossed in her passion for reimaging healthcare, hiking in various terrains (no cell service is best), gallivanting across the world, exploring new cultures and seeking unique experiences or reading the trashiest romance novels known to mankind!

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