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Allied Health Assistant

Meet Katerina, Kat is an empathetic soul dedicated to promoting holistic wellbeing. With a background in psychology and an Honours degree under her belt, Kat plays a dynamic role at Wildflowers, seamlessly transitioning between her positions as an Allied Health Assistant, Admin, and Social Media assistant. Whether stationed at the front desk or engaging with clients, Kat's energy is infectious.

In her role as an Allied Health Assistant, Kat's passion shines brightly, especially when working with children. She believes in the profound wisdom children possess and the valuable lessons they can impart if we take a moment to listen. Patient, present, and always up for some fun in the therapy space, Kat understands the significance of creating a safe environment where individuals can be seen, heard, and valued. For Kat, holistic wellbeing is paramount, recognising the interconnectedness of all facets of life. She values the importance of achieving balance for true flourishing. Beyond her reflective nature and contemplative mindset, Kat embraces the vitality of living in the moment and engaging with the world around us.

An advocate for continuous learning and personal growth, she believes in the transformative power within each person. A health enthusiast, you'll find her moving her body on the yoga mat, at the gym, or strolling through nature. The beach holds a special place in her heart, and she cherishes quality time with family and friends, indulging in a good book, embarking on a shopping spree, and just having fun! Passionate about challenging societal norms, Kat encourages embracing one's uniqueness and celebrating "quirky" traits as the essence of individuality. Her mantra is clear - reject the ordinary and revel in the journey of self-evolution. Embrace your authentic self, because, in Kat's eyes, that's where true beauty lies

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