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Looking to get your sleep back?

By Rebecca McCarthy, Occupational Therapist and Co-Founder of Wildflower Holistic Services

Do you value sleep but can't seem to get enough? Or do you lay awake for hours while your brain ticks over? This is a problem for 1 in 3 Australians who experience sleep difficulties.

Sleep is a fundamental biological requirement for human health. It is recommended that we get 7-8 hours of sleep a night otherwise it increases the risk of developing health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, depression and cognitive impairment.

Sleep is beneficial for a range of reasons:

- to reduces stress

- improves our memory

- increases alertness during the day

- helps your body repair itself

- and amongst other things keeps our heart healthy

When you read the benefits of sleep above it sounds like the ideal life right? Unfortunately for 33%-45% of Australian’s this is not what they experience. Sleep deprivation carries the risk of altering our body's metabolism which includes glucose metabolism. Research has shown that short-term sleep loss decreases glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity as well as increasing the incidents of sleep-deprived people consuming ‘comfort foods’ high in fat and sugar. This change in metabolism and eating behaviours increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Research has also linked sleep disorders, sleep problems and insufficient sleep with impaired cognitive function and mental well being. These include disturbances in mood, thinking, concentration, memory, learning and vigilance.

It is important to consider not only the impact insufficient sleep has on the individual but how it can impact the community. Research has indicated there is an increased risk of motor vehicle and workplace accidents, as well as decreased workplace performance and productivity associated with sleep problems. This brings a substantial economic and social cost.

For a lot of individuals getting enough sleep can be out of their control which can be overwhelming and frustrating!

We want to give you back control over your sleep! How you ask? Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets are your new Best friend.

Weighted Blankets are a sensory tool used to promote sleep and create a sense of calmness. Weighted Blankets provide deep pressure touch stimulation to the body, which sends messages to the brain increasing the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that promotes happiness and relaxation. By increasing the levels of serotonin in our body it helps to reduce cortisol. Cortisol is a chemical which is produced when our brain thinks we are 'under threat', this elicits a flight or fight response. Elevated cortisol levels can cause complications such as anxiety, depression and insomnia which impact one’s ability to fall asleep or get a quality sleep. By providing deep pressure touch, weighted blankets support relaxation and help to break the cycle. By increasing the amount of serotonin it helps our body to calm and unwind setting ourselves up for a quality night sleep.

If you want to take control of your sleep today check out our website and own your weighted blanket today. End those long sleepless nights now!

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