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Why we set out on our Wildflowers journey!

It's been on my to do list to write this blog for a really long time… However if I am honest it's something that I have been putting off as I find it difficult to put into words the work that we do at Wildflowers. This work is more than that of just words, it is an energy that is brought into the space.

Someone asked me recently, a two part question. What is the vision of Wildflowers and what is stepping in your way. As I answered the first part, the group of individuals noticed the shift in my energy, the change in my voice and the way that I lit up as I spoke. When I answered the second part, there was a distinct change in my persona, as I realised it is me that is stepping in the way. I was challenged further, to enquire into the determinant of myself holding myself back, and whilst it was challenging to sit in that space, I realised two things. Firstly, I am denying individuals of what I feel is a basic human right, to receive extremely sound mental health care and secondly, I am denying myself the opportunity to follow a dream I have been journaling and drawing about for years.

Now I share this because we are all on a journey, and none of us are exempt from self doubt, or the monkey mind that creeps in telling us we can't do this or shouldn't do that. However at Wildflowers we hope for something more for all of you. We are really passionate about and will always stand for, shifting the way in which mental health and disability is viewed and treated in our society to the point that I would love to be able to put myself out of a job. I know realistically that may not be possible although, I really do believe that there could be huge waves made in society, in respect to really understanding the individuals that we cross paths with. I feel one of our roles is about the upskilling of all humans to be able to sit and listen, to really sit and listen. We are not here to ‘fix’ an individual, we are here to sit with them, to hold space for them and to be really present. There is a huge difference between wanting to or needing to fix someone versus being completely present with someone and allowing that individual to really explore who they are.

Each and everyone of you is unique. The odds of your existence roaming the world exactly as you are at this given point in time are so rare that you are the only YOU that will ever be. We feel deeply privileged and are honored to be able to meet you, to be able to get to know you and to be on that journey with you. If there is one thing that I have taken away from this year, is that the resilience that each of you have demonstrated is beyond measure and the depth of the meaning behind the name of Wildflowers is so fitting.

Wildflowers grow in and under barren, dry and adverse conditions, yet they grow and bloom to be beautiful and unique despite the adversity that they may have faced. We see humans to be incredibly similar to these wildflowers, we all have shit we go through or shit that we carry, yet there is so much beauty and something to treasure in every human.

So this is why we set out on our Wildflower journey and as it comes to a year of blossoming as a Wildflower, we thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your unique journey.

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