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Community-based programs are the heartbeat of local empowerment and social progress. At Wildflowers we have always believed in the power of community and collaboration. 

Community Initiative programs foster a sense of belonging and cooperation, promoting positive change from the grassroots level. By engaging residents and stakeholders in a collaborative effort, community-based programs not only uplift the quality of life but also create a resilient network that nurtures unity, creativity, and shared values. 


We believe in the power of working together towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Get in touch if you are an organisation that has a community initiative in mind and would like to get it off the ground.

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Murals For Change

Being the change makers we are and always wanting to shake things up and provide a space for everyone to think differently about mental health and disability, collaborating with Montana Lower and Murals for Change was a perfect way to share the power of art therapy to do just that!


​⁠With the goal of building a renewed sense of community connection and providing support for mental health through creativity in the wake of the Bushfire crisis, we invited everyone from surrounding townships and regional areas to help us paint this large scale community artwork in Oakdale, NSW.⁠

'You don’t have to be a professional to make a difference, all you need is the courage to begin' 


Art therapy is one of our favourite tools to support people of all ages through difficulties or simply to understand themselves more so when we were given the chance to partner with Murals for Change it was a no brainer! For us, sharing this work is crucial to reduce the stigma around art therapy and highlight what an amazing option it is in assisting people to experience wellness in life. 


The mural which spanned 21 meters was painted over a week with the aim to spread awareness and support the Bushfire Recovery effort and renew the sense of community connection. Over 60 people from the local community gave up their time to contribute to this mural which remains today as a eye catching reminder of the power of togetherness, regeneration and connectivity through creativity. A lasting reminder that we can indeed all ‘Grow Together’.

The Youth Voices Project

The Youth Voices project was designed to give children and young people affected by the Green Wattle Creek bushfire event of 2019/2020 the opportunity to have fun, meet new people and share their stories and experiences. It was funded by the Rotary Club of Wollondilly North Inc. and organised by the Wollondilly Shire Council.

Our Co-founder and Child Psychologist, Alexandra, was involved in this powerful project through helping the young people involved share their stories.

We are honoured to have met and supported the young people, families and organisers of this project and invite you all to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of this event on our communities young people and witness the courage and strength of the local children and adolescents in our community by watching the completed production HERE.

Stories to Heal Us

“Stories to Heal Us” is an intentionally designed therapeutic art workshop created in response to the needs of the people within the Wingecarribee LGA in the wake of the devastating Green Wattle Creek and Morton Bushfires, followed shortly by the whirlwind of COVID-19 restrictions.

As a collaborative partnership between Psychologist & Art Therapist, Alexandra from Wildflower Holistic Services, Psychologist, Vanessa from The Well Lived Life Co, Wingecarribee Shire Council, and Community Links, we recognise that prior to this point we have been unable to bring people together in a safe and non-judgemental environment to tell their stories.

It is after all our stories that define us, shape us, control us and make us, and as a collective, we acknowledge that we make sense of our life experiences through the stories we learn or tell ourselves.  It is for this reason that we wish to provide members of the community with the space to share and process their unique stories and come together to support one another as we heal.

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