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Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets

Shop Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets

It is our hope that with your new Comfort Buddy, you will feel a sense of connection to both the blanket and yourself, it will empower you to be able to achieve the things that you previously found difficult and it's a sustainable practice that works for you!

We hope you feel the love and magic that we have filled these blankets with.


"I would like to thank the team from comfort buddy for assisting in changing my sons sleep routine which in turn changed our household (for the better). Noah (3yrs) has quality sleep times now and loves the stimulation the blanket brings. We are lucky to have 2 so school are also fans of weighted blankets now. Would highly recommend the quality of the blankets and great range of prints and colours. From 1 happy and less tired mumma. "

- Lisa

"I started using your incredible neck pillow a few months ago to help with my shoulder strain from working behind a desk for long hours.  I had pain and headaches daily. The difference it made to my neck and shoulder pain was evident after the first use. Each night I spent half an hour laying in front of the TV with my pillow over my shoulders.  Within a week the difference was amazing. I now just use it as needed and pass it around my friends. Four of my friends are now also using the pillow with the same results. The pillow is so easy to use and offers such a relaxing daily remedy."


"My weighted blanket is quite effective in supporting my personal anxiety. It gives me the ability to calm down of a nighttime when I’m having issues sleeping and also assisting with calming during the day whether it is just time at home or taking it into my trial exams at school. I continue to use it as it is quite calming and I use it as a tool to work on bettering my anxiety and allowing myself to have some neutral moments."

- Gemma

Choosing Your Blanket Size

  Blanket Weight              Body Weight               Blanket Size               Prices

          1.5kg                         10kg-17kg                   40 x 50cm                $80.00

           2kg                           17kg-22kg                   44 x 60cm                $85.00

          2.5kg                         22kg-27kg                   48 x 65cm                $90.00

           3kg                           27kg-32kg                   52 x 70cm                $95.00

          3.5kg                            32kg +                      52 x 75cm                $115.00

          4.5kg                         30kg-55kg                  Single Bed                $240.00

          6.8kg                         56kg-79kg           Single or Queen Bed    $250-$260

          9.1kg                            80kg +              Single or Queen Bed    $280-$290


*If possible we recommend that you discuss with your Occupational Therapist before purchasing one of our weighted blankets to ensure you are getting the right weight and size.

**Disclaimer: These are the recommended weights, however you may choose to go a little heavier or lighter depending how much pressure you like. 

***Disclaimer: Weighted Blankets are not advised for anyone under 2 yrs of age. Weighted blankets should be used under the supervision of an adult. Weighted blankets are not advised to be placed on head or neck.

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