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Weighted Blankets

We have got you and the environment covered!

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Two Therapists working behind the scenes to handmake your Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets.
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Do your good for the environment and Recycle your Blanket to avoid landfill!

How do our Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets work?

Weighted blanket infographic
Weighted blanket infographic
Weighted blankets infographic

How our Comfort Buddy Weighted Blankets are made?

Weighted blanket infographic
Weighted blanket infographic


“Since buying my 11y.o. daughter her comfort buddy, her sleep has improved 100%. There’s no more waking up feeling anxious during the night. The flow on from a good sleep is a calm relaxed child during the day! Win-win! She loves the way it makes her feel safe and secure before drifting off to sleep. I would highly recommend comfort buddy blankets, it’s a blessing in a blanket and feel that it should be accessible for all!” 

- Ella
I recently purchased a weighted blanket for a student in my class with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. From the moment the blanket arrived, my student, his family and I were most impressed. The fabric used was strong, sturdy and plain which was great due to the age of my student. The way the product arrived in lovely wrapping with suggested ways to use it was fabulous. It was highly evident that a lot of care and dedication went into hand-crafting the product. My student independently accessed the blanket on a regular basis and used it as a self-calming technique while sitting in our classroom and in other settings such as the library and hall. All the students in my class were extremely supportive of the student who was using the blanket. It proved to be an excellent addition to the repertoire of strategies being implemented to assist with student well-being and behaviour management strategies. Thank you to the Holistic Services team who were a delight to deal with. I look forward to purchasing additional blankets in the future to support my students.

- Vanessa (School Teacher)
I have suffered from neck and lower back pain for over 20 years.  I was looking for something to assist me with my pain levels without the use of medication as much as possible.  So I purchased a neck pillow which has helped me with tension headaches and muscle tension.  I have also recently purchased a weighted blanket for my back for muscle tension, which I love.  Both the neck pillow and weighted blanket for my muscles are like being given a nice, warm, therapeutic hug:) I wear it in the car, at the office and at home depending on my pain levels.  I plan to buy more for my friends and family who suffer neck and back pain too :)

- Cat
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