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Weighted Neck Wrap's are a great sensory tool in supporting overall calmness, feelings of safety or supporting attention and focus. Weighted neck wrap's provide deep pressue touch stimulation to the body which supports the release of serotonin, our happy and calming chemical.


Weighted blankets can be used to support children or adults in multiple ways:

- They helps us to relax and rejuventate after a long

- They help to increase attention and focus during work, school, studying and homework

- They promote feelings of calmness and comfort your mind 

- They support feelings of security and safety during challenging times

- They help to reduce feelings or anxiety or stress and promote over calmness.

- They help to improve posture when sitting at the table or when on the floor 


You can use our neck wraps in various ways and at vaious times:

- Place around your neck at work, school or whilst studying and completing homework

- Place around your neck or on your lap when having calming time or meditation

- Place around your neck when in the car or on transport to increase attention or reduce anxiety. 

- Place around your neck when reading a book or watching tv


When choosing the weight of your neck wrap we recommend children up to 10 yrs use a 1.5kg. For individuals up to 60kg choose 2kg then 60kg and above choose 2.5kg. 




Neck Wrap Connection

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