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Art Club




8 Weeks

About the Course

Art Club

Calling all creative kids! After School Art Club is back for 2024. This is the perfect haven for your little legends who adore making, creating, crafting, exploring colour, and learning super cool new skills. 

Art Club provides diverse creative activities, with a new creative activity each week sure to spark the curiosity and artistic flare of your little legend.This program has been developed for our young legends to nurture their own self-expression, unleash their creativity, and explore a range of different creative skills and techniques. Art is a powerful tool for exploring emotions, and Art Club encourages everyone who attends to explore their feelings, thoughts, and memories through art practice - making the art process a therapeutic journey. 


Playful, colourful, and hands-on, After School Art Club offers: 

  • Mindfulness: Immerse in the present moment through mindful creative practices, promoting a sense of calm and focus

  • Creative practices: connect with oneself and create a safe space for self expression

  • New skills and art techniques: Discover and master new art skills and techniques, expanding the artistic repertoire of every participant

  • Social Connections: An opportunity to meet new friends, fostering a sense of community

  • All Equipment provided

  • 45 minutes of fun 

  • Fine Motor Skill Development: Enjoy time to explore and use fine motor skills in art activities 

  • Each week, your little artist will proudly carry home a new creation, ranging from art canvases, sculptures, weaving, cards, to cartoon drawings.

This program has been developed for:

  • Little legends who love being creative

  • Those who want to create connections in a safe and fun group environment

  • Those who like to express their feelings and emotions through art

  • Those who enjoy exploring their self-expression through creativity

The creative process engages different parts of the brain, allowing children to connect more deeply with their experiences and emotions. Join us in this colourful adventure at Art Club

Don't forget to redeem your Creative Kids voucher and use it towards the Art Club program. Simply send us an email with your Creative Kids voucher details which include: Voucher number, Childs Name, Date of birth.

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