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School Readiness




10 Weeks

About the Course

School Readiness

Is your children preparing for the exciting journey into Kindergarten in 2025?

Our school readiness group is a tailored program dedicated to nurturing essential skills vital for a smooth transition and successful start to school. Through a range of engaging activities, we foster the development of crucial social skills and enabling children to build friendships.

Within this course we will learn:

  • The art of sharing

  • Taking turns and working together in a group setting

  • We will spend time guiding children with their fine motor abilities focusing on the fundamentals of writing

Our activities are designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, pencil grip, and pre-writing skills, laying a strong foundation for early literacy. Our program places a significant emphasis on fostering self-care skills, empowering children to become more independent by teaching basic self-care skills like opening lunch box containers and packaging, completing zippers and buttons, organising their belongings and healthy habits.

This group has been developed for:

  • Young Wildflowers who are transitioning to primary school in 2025

  • Those who might be feeling a little anxious about this next step

  • Those might need a little help with their writing and further development of fine motor abilities

Join us on this transformative journey, as we equip your child with the essential tools and confidence needed  as they start their new journey!

Please contact us directly if you would like to use your NDIS funding for this course.

Your Instructor

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