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Wonderful Wildflowers! Our Culture and Values

By Jennie - Provisional Psychologist

Here at Wildflower Holistic Services, we're a group of fun, kind, and energetic people who love celebrating individuality and uniqueness. We strive for authenticity in ourselves and aim to help others in their own journey towards living authentically. We, at Wildflower Holistic Services, acknowledge that you are the only version of you to ever exist. Although life is always changing and you are always growing, there will never be another 'you' out there! How special is that?

Our culture and values are something we hold dear to our hearts as they are part of what we do every single day and reflect who we are. Recently, we had a Wildflower team meeting where we all gathered and discussed these values and shared what they meant to us. Our Wildflower values are authenticity, integrity, connection, empowerment, innovation, and sustainability, and our Wildflower team had some insightful things to say.


We believe being authentic is a superpower and encourage everyone to be authentically who they are! We really appreciate the unique self everyone shares with the world and we strive to unapologetically be ourselves each day to promote that individual acceptance in others too. So, with us, what you see is what you get!

For Alex, our Director, authenticity means “being a natural expression of myself in all areas and giving space for everyone else to be their authentic selves”. She thinks “it’s really about celebrating our and everyone’s uniqueness, acknowledging our diversity, and being respectful to ourselves and others for what is true to us in each moment”.

To Leah, a Provisional Psychologist, “authenticity is when you are in alignment with what you think, say, and do”.


At Wildflower Holistic Services, we believe that having integrity helps build trust and an understanding that we are undivided in our convictions. We promise to stay true to ourselves by behaving in a way that is honest and upholds our moral and ethical beliefs, recognising that inclusion and diversity are powerful tools in our mission towards acceptance and change.

Our Practice Manager, Jessie, believes that integrity means “holding myself honest and true to my core, even if that may be against the grain. It means identifying my beliefs and holding that truth”.

For Jennie, a Provisional Psychologist, integrity means “staying true to your values and beliefs and not compromising when it suits you. It’s also about not being a hypocrite”.


As humans, we are wired for connection, so our aim is to create genuine connections with our clients and community based on acknowledgement, acceptance, and celebration of exactly who you are. We are passionate about our connection with our community and strive to deliver social impact for our next generation of change makers and for those who guide them.

Kat, our Allied Health Assistant, believes that “connection means being fully present in interactions with others while being present in my own body. It means holding time and space to connect with others on a deeper soul level [and] to be curious to have a deep understanding of others and the self”.

To Ellie, our Speech Pathologist, “connection happens when we trust others and trust ourselves. Trust and believing in the goodness of others and ourselves allows us to be open, receptive, and authentic”.


Empowerment is super important for all that we do and stand for - it’s about recognising your strengths, drawing out your innate wisdom, and providing hope to give you the wings to soar so you are not somebodies, rather, you are Some Body. At Wildflower Holistic Services, we get excited empowering the next generation fo change makers, empowering the individuals who guide them, and empowering ourselves to be the support you need to blossom.

For Bec, our Occupational Therapist, “empowerment means holding powerful conversations to help bring awareness and understanding to those around you to step into their power but also support you as you thrive”.

Maddy, a Provisional Psychologist, believes “empowerment means giving someone the skills to produce change or create understanding with the intention to result in a moment of pride”.


We are forever willing to learn, evolve, and think outside the box. We are continuously open to new ideas, knowledge, and best practices in order to offer the highest quality of support to our community. We understand that one size does not fit all and we are passionate about celebrating individuality and diversity, as well as making a lasting impact on how mental health and disability are viewed and treated.

Alex said “a mentor said to me once ‘when you’re an innovator, your biggest competition is the status quo’ - something [which] has never resonated so deeply within myself. Innovation is all about thinking about the broader picture and in work it’s consistently thinking about what the needs are for the individual and adapting our practice to meet them where they are at, rather than applying the one size fits all approach”.

To Maddy, “innovation means being open to new ideas, knowledge, and new opportunities, regardless of the source, then thinking critically about its credibility and usefulness. It means being brave enough to attempt things outside the status quo”.


Our sustainability commitment relates to our quality of services and responsibility to our planet. Not only are we mindful when it comes to minimising our impact on the beautiful planet Earth, we also strive to positively influence your situation long term and support others to create sustainability in all areas of their wellbeing.

Ellie believes that “sustainability is rooted in respect - for the planet, for the interconnected community of life, and for ourselves. It is a big, vast, [and] complex topic, but much of its practical application comes down to small everyday practices and habits”.

For Bec, “sustainability means taking time to slow down, consider your actions, and be mindful of your footprints. [It’s also about] educating those around you in a way that empowers them to take control and implement things in a sustainable way".

It was an amazing opportunity to hear everyone's thoughts and appreciate their unique perspectives. As a team, we strive to combine all of our different knowledge and strengths to provide holistic and nurturing care that promotes all areas of wellness. We regard each amazing human to be similar to wildflowers that grow to be beautiful and unique despite the adversity they may have faced. Everyone has their own stories and have walked their own paths, which is why there is so much beauty and something to treasure in every single human being.

Wildflower Holistic Services really is a special and magical place, and when asked about why they like working there, this is what the team had to say:

Jessie likes “working at Wildflowers because it provides a unique space where I can be my authentic self (as can anyone who enters Wildflowers) and contribute to sustainable change for individuals and the community”.

Alex said "I love working at Wildflowers because the mission and purpose [are] much bigger than ourselves, yet everyone is so committed to practice healthcare in a way that is holistic, nurturing, and honours the whole individual. And quite simply the team is epic! Some days are tough, yet I never feel alone with the support of our team".

Bec shared that she likes working at Wildflower "because of the culture and supportive team. It doesn't feel like 'work' [and] we are able to have fun but be serious".

Maddy likes "working at Wildflowers because it provides connection, friendship, and collaboration".

Kat said “I enjoy working at Wildflowers because we truly do things differently! New ideas and ways of thinking/doing are welcomed and valued. The team is supportive and we are all valued and heard. The leadership style allows for the team to be given the opportunity to contribute to WHS through constant collaboration and innovation”.

Leah “love[s] working at Wildflowers because it is wholly aligned with who I am as a person. I believe in the bigger picture and changing lives through holistic care”.

Jennie likes “working at WHS [because of] the flexible culture and values that align with my own. I enjoy working in a space that challenges me creatively and has me on my feet from time to time. I like working in a space with powerful and caring women who dedicate themselves to encouraging and empowering others”.

As you can see, we all have a lot of different ideas and perspectives, yet all believe that Wildflower Holistic Services is a beautiful space dedicated to supporting and lifting others in all aspects of their lives. We get excited celebrating your uniqueness and exploring your endless potential through evidence based integrative healthcare practices, and believe you have what it takes to bloom beautifully like the wildflower you are despite the hardships you might be going through.

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