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Provisional Psychologist

Meet Jennie, Jennie is one of our wonderful provisional psychologist who believes in the power of growth, progress and improvement in both herself and those around her. 

With a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Monash University, Jennie has previously worked as an allied health therapist supporting children with autism. Here, she utilised the ESDM framework to individualise and incorporate fun into therapy. Jennie strongly believes in having fun and tailoring towards the individual, always striving to help others feel capable and empowered to make their own choices. Jennie has also worked as a piano teacher and a swimming instructor.  She is a patient and understanding person especially when it comes to skills that enrich our experience.

Knowing that life can feel a bit fast sometimes, Jennie likes to slow down with quiet hobbies such as painting, reading and crocheting, and also dabbles in a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons as both a player and a game master.

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