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Senior Services Coordinator

Meet Tina, Tina has over 20 years of experience working across the Community Services Sector, with a key focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing, within both Government and Non-Government organisations.

Tina's experience has seen her work in many roles within the field, both at the coal face and senior management, with the last few years developing a thorough understanding of the NDIS, as a Local Area Coordinator, Coordinator of Supports and Senior Service Coordinator. Tina has worked with children, adolescents and adults who have experienced and/or were at risk of homelessness, mental health and psychiatric conditions, autism, Alcohol and other drugs, and other disabilities as well as adolescents and adults reintegrating into the community after serving time in a correctional facility. Tina is very passionate about people's wellbeing and strive to foster a collaborative, interactive and creative space walking alongside the client in their journey where they feel safe in exploring who they are and what really works for them, providing a platform to live their best life. When Tina is not working she loves spending time with her daughter and mates, or you'll find her at the soccer fields, running, watching/participating in anything sports, at the beach or just generally outdoors.

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